Sunday, 26 June 2011

Sally Hansen Nail Stripes

Best beauty purchase yet! These Sally Hansen Salon Effects nail polish stripes are amazing! I bought two boxes the other day in the colours “Cut it Out” and “Glitz Blitz”. 

Each box comes with a cuticle stick, file, and 16 stripes; extras are there for mistakes and for different shaped nails. The only extra thing you will need is nail polish remover. The box suggests that you do a swipe of remover to completely clean off the nail, so even if you have bare nails make sure you have a bit of remover. I read on a review that adding a top coat helped to make it last even longer so I used Essie’s “No Chips Ahead” just to be safe. 

It has been one week since putting on “Cut it Out” and my nails are still going strong! I have gardened and washed dishes and they only have a couple of small chips that are barely noticeable. They look very natural and were fairly easy to apply. The only thing is I’m a super perfectionist so it took me over half an hour to shape these babies, definitely longer than regular nail polish. Perhaps the next time will be faster now I know what I’m doing. The only downside I have found is the price. Similar to manicure pricing (around $10 a box) plus all of the work, the price of these stripes means I can only afford them once in a while. 

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