Thursday, 9 June 2011

Rainbows are awesome.

I have been running around like a mad person today. My cousin's-fiancee's-uncle's-son's... (just kidding I'm hilarious, no? just cousin's fiancee's) bridal shower is on Sunday. I love him dearly, but don't know her very well which makes picking a shower gift a bit tricky. Of course on the invite it says to pick a gift off the registry, but I felt like a pot or a potato peeler just didn't say "go pamper yourself, bride-to-be!". There were only two things on the whole list that seemed appropriate, massage booties and a foot spa. Off to the store I go. Except there is only one in the whole city and it is directly across town. I asked my boss if I could leave half an hour early if I skip my break, he agrees, I cheer, the store gets insanely busy and our computers slow down to a crawl. It takes me 40 minutes to finish one transaction that normally takes 10. I then leave work 15 minutes late and run to the bus stop. I make it to the store just before they close, find the booties, ONLY pair left, but the box is destroyed! It was a display model and had been opened and closed a hundred times. This is why you don't leave gift shopping to the last minute, at least I got the gift, but now my dear cousin's fiancee is going to think I have been massaging my own toes in her "new" fluffy purple booties.
This was really just a super long way of saying that I am going home to the country for a few days and posts will be sparse, but look forward to lots of pictures of wide open spaces and horses when I return. Oh and here are some pictures of my birthday party from last summer! My wonderful boy made me a crazy rainbow cake recipe adapted from here!

(wearing a Tibi dress)

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