Wednesday, 8 June 2011

Fashionable Biking

I love biking, and mostly I love picking accessories for my bike and a great outfit to wear while biking. What do you prefer while biking, heels or flats? I have been a strict flat girl for some time. I fear getting my heel caught in the pedal, or slipping, but I'm starting to realize that these fears are mostly insane and damn do these girls look good riding in their heels! posted a great article about heels or flats here, I also love looking at back post from the Sartorialist featuring bikes.
Later on I will post some pictures of my lovely bike and give some tips on adding baskets to your bike the cheapest way possible!


  1. "Queen- Bicycle Race" would be the song for this post. Anyways, I only ride in flats, heels are too dangerous. ;)

  2. I ride my bike in heels all the time, and there is nothing dangerous about it. I have tried to figure out why you think it is dangerous.. If you are afraid your heel will get caught in the pedal, just make sure that the heel is wider than the holes in your pedals (no stiletto heels, perhaps). But what kind of sneaky pedal would that have to be, then? Never heard of that scenario.

    Biking in heels is actually much more pleasant than walking in them, haha.