Wednesday, 3 August 2011

One Crazy Weekend

Unfortunately I only have a few photos to share from this weekend because, my camera is unbelievably awful and 80% of my pictures didn't turn out, and Eric and I forgot our passports and spent most of our weekend on the greyhound bus. We were ten minutes outside of London on our way to Toronto when we realized we both left our passports sitting at home. The wedding was in Niagara Falls New York and there would be no crossing the border without them so we had to continue to Toronto, spend the day looking at apartments, head straight back to London, sleep, get back on a greyhound to Toronto, and then travel two more hours to my dads house, sleep, then head to Niagara Falls, etc. We were very upset with ourselves for forgetting them, as I'm sure you could imagine. We did find an apartment we really like and are waiting to hear back from the landlord after she calls our references. I'm crossing my fingers as it is in a great neighbourhood, 8 minute walk from the subway, and a 24 hour street car stops right down the street! The wedding was fantastic and I do have a couple of photos below, but as I said almost none of the photos turned out. After our move we are going to start saving for a new camera and will hopefully own our first SLR!

not from our travels, but our cherry tomatos are starting to get ripe!

moment waiting in-between the wedding and reception; time for the heels to come off

there was a photobooth at the wedding and I definitely took advantage of it

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