Monday, 22 August 2011

Packing, packing, and more packing!

Yes this is a lol cat and yes this is my life currently. I'm sorry I have been awful at posting lately! Eric and I finally found a perfect apartment above a dress shop (score one), with a claw foot tub (score two) which is painted bright blue (score three) and is downtown (score four). It's a sweet place, but it means my life is consumed with packing, booking u-hauls, elevators, changing telephone numbers (note to self don't send out resumes and then change your phone number the next day, ok?), etc. It's crazy, but I do have a couple of fashion related things to post later! I promise! Look forward to no lol cats and fashion tomorrow. Also, let's pretend I am equipped with an army of Louis Vuitton luggage for the move instead of garbage bags, OK?

(Annie Leibovitz photo for June 2008 Vogue)

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