Wednesday, 28 March 2012

Roberta Settels Sandals

I have fallen madly in love with Roberta Settels roman style sandals! We have the children's version at work and I like to stroke them and dream they're my size. It really is meant to be, to have fallen in love with these Swedish hand-made beauties, because Roberta Settels is a composer who studied with two of my all time favourite composers, Xenakis and Boulez. For your listening pleasure below is Charisma by Xenakis a wonderful piece for clarinet and cello that one day I hope to perform.

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  1. I was passing through Stockholm for business and decided to stop by her shop. I was in luck because the shop was open. I am elated to have my very own pair of Roberta Settels sandals! I did not know she is a composer. It was a delight to have met her.