Sunday, 29 January 2012

Wedding Budgets

antlers we recently purchased as decor for the wedding and our apartment

I don't think this is really rocket science anymore with hundreds of wedding blogs, magazines, etc., all talking about how to save money at your wedding, but for a real life perspective I'm going to lay out our plans of how we're going to save, and have a wedding under $5000. I'm sure as we progress and we actually talk to venues, florists, etc., things will change, but you have to start somewhere.
We're planning on doing many things ourselves. DIY wedding all the way. We also want to make sure that the majority of what we create or buy as decorations are things we can later use in our own home. Example number one: I made a chalkboard that is hung in our kitchen for now and will most likely be a seating chart later. I’m also planning on doing my own hair and makeup (I plan on practicing hairstyles over the next few months and will definitely share the results), as well as making our own cake. Or cupcakes, we haven’t decided yet.

The Chalkboard, I found out how to make it here, it's currently covering the word "babe". The previous tenants wrote "I love you babe" on the kitchen wall and we weren't keen (especially on the "babe"), but also didn't want to spend money to repaint.

We’re having our wedding outside of the city. Mainly because Eric’s father will be marrying us and they live in the country, but also because venues are SO MUCH cheaper. Having our wedding in Toronto would be much more expensive for us and for our guests, plus just because it’s not in the city doesn’t mean it won’t be just as beautiful. We have already looked at some very beautiful places and my vision of a fall-rustic-wood-lodge-lumber-jack-wedding is looking plausible.
We’re using our friends and family. Yes that sounds bad, but it really isn’t, if anyone you know can help out, more than likely they would be glad to. Eric’s dad is a pastor so no officiating fees, he also has a photographer uncle, and a friend of ours will be playing organ. Of course we will still have development fees and we will be gifting/paying some kind-of fee to each of them (this has yet to be decided), but a majority of the cost will be down.
We’re having a small wedding. Only very close family and our closest friends will be there. Honestly, I can’t imagine having a wedding of 200+ even if we were millionaires. I realize this will anger some, but if there is any day to be selfish I feel like this might be the one. Right?
The dress. OH the dress. I plan on spending under $500... and I mean to say I hope to pay $100. How am I going to do that? I have been hunting etsy, and have tried on some at local vintage shops, but who knows what will happen. I’m really in love with this dress from J Crew and this dress from BHLDN, but of course they are not under $500. Can I do it? Well we will just have to wait and see.

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