Monday, 23 January 2012

The Engagement Story

Eric and I had been talking about marriage for a long time. If it had been up to Eric we would have been married two years ago, but I have always been cautious and more a logical than romantic person (perhaps that explains my reaction to Eric after he asked me). 

It was just a regular day. I got off work at 6 and when I got home Eric had made a wonderful and elaborate meal of stuffed lamb (my favourite), mashed potatoes (Eric has been the only person able to make potatoes I like), and salad. If I had been thinking I would have realized this mimicked our very first date where Eric made exactly the same except with chicken instead of lamb. However, Eric loves to cook and I figured he had just been experimenting. I gobbled it up (so delicious!) and promptly asked Eric if he would like to go for a walk. He later told me his heart jumped into his stomach and he agreed just so I wouldn't think anything was up. When we returned home half an hour later I walked into the living room, planning to put on a movie for the evening. Lo and behold there were dozens of yellow origami flowers all over the room (I love the show Gilmore Girls and was obsessed with how Max proposed to Lorelai with a thousand yellow daisies for years). Very romantic right? I laughed and said as I turned to him, "Wow, were you bored today?" and there was poor Eric, on one knee with a little box and I'm laughing and asking if he was bored. It gets even better. He asks if I will marry him and I say over and over again "Really? for real?... is this for real? like for real for real..." He just looks at me puzzled and says "Yes. stop saying for real. This. Is. Real." I did eventually snap out of it and said yes, but the poor guy made such a romantic gesture and I was blind to it all. Of course now I think it was incredibly sweet and I love him so much, but I never realized how oblivious I can really be until that moment.

As for the ring, he gave me a box full of dollar store, walmart, and vintage costume ones to wear while we figured out what to do. I have my mothers engagement ring and was thinking of having the diamonds put in our own setting, but after finding out how much that would cost we started hunting on etsy and at antique stores until we found the one I love (and it was VERY affordable). It comes from the etsy shop Luxe Deluxe, is from the 1940's, and is just perfect for me.

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