Thursday, 2 February 2012

French Press Coffee

I am not a coffee connoisseur, just a regular girl who needs a cup in order to face the day ahead. I love coffee and found I was spending a small fortune buying out every morning. I’m not quite sure how I decided on a French press, but I think I thought it would be cheaper than buying a drip machine. Today’s post I am going to explain how I have perfected* my morning cup of coffee over the past year. Now, you must understand that I do not have the best equipment, the most knowledge, and I have my own taste buds not yours, however with lots of trial, error, and reading I am finally consistently happy with the taste of my morning cup.

My equipment:
-          Mild Roast Coffee Beans

1)     I start by measuring two tablespoons of mild roast beans bought from my local espresso bar.
2)       I grind them until they’re about medium coarse, which I read on I need coffee.

3)       I boil my water and make sure I don’t let it boil longer than a second or two. Once I take it off the heat I let it stand for 10 mississippi’s. This allows the water to cool down just enough.
4)       I pour the water into the press, place the plunger and lid on top, and slowly press down the plunger half an inch. I forget where I heard to do this, but I remember something about it allowing the grinds to properly brew.

5)       I then wait 4 mins and slowly press down the plunger.
6)      Now for a very long time I struggled with what to put in my coffee. I used sugar for some time and then moved to raw sugar and then to honey, always trying to find a more natural, healthier, tastier choice. I finally discovered Agave Nectar and haven’t looked back. It is the perfect sweetness and doesn’t change the taste of the coffee (which was my problem with honey. I do love honey, but I wanted to taste the bean). I put in half a teaspoon per cup, but I don’t like my coffee too sweet. I also use a drop of milk, not cream, because I also found it to overpower the coffee.

There you have it. My extremely basic version of the perfect cup of French press coffee. Everything I know is from word of mouth and the wonderful website I Need Coffee.

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