Sunday, 5 February 2012

Crayon Artwork

Here is the big unveil! The artwork Eric and I made last weekend was melted crayons on a canvas. I had seen this done quite often with a blow dryer but a few weeks back I saw someone who used a hot glue gun. It worked out very well and was easy and inexpensive! You do ruin your glue gun or... two glue guns if you're Eric and me. We were almost done our "masterpiece" when the glue gun blew up in Eric's hands! Sparks and big black cloud came pouring out so definitely be careful!

(that's how much we had left to do when the gun exploded)

What we used:
- Two different shades of each colour crayon and about 3 crayons per shade
- Two hot glue guns... hopefully you will only need one!
- A canvas
- Cardboard to protect your floor from stray crayon

The consistency of the crayon was very different from what we imagined. We thought it would be kind-of chunky but it actually turned completely liquid and it didn't take nearly as many crayons as predicted (we bought 12 boxes!). To make the circle I think it would be hard to do by yourself as I turned the canvas and Eric applied the crayon. That's basically it! It was very easy to do and a fun way to spend last Sunday night!

(Death of the glue gun. Previously gun was not black inside and as you see even without exploding crayon gets everywhere inside and out making the gun useless for glue later.)

(final product)

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  1. I have been experimenting with this the past few nights, and last night my glue gun blew up on me as well! Scared the living hell out of me. Huge ball of fire/ black smoke. I'm thinking about modifying my new gun so wax won't be able to drip all over the electrical components inside!