Sunday, 17 July 2011

Hats part II

After seeing Emily's photographs of her mothers hat collection I asked if she would be willing to take some pictures of my own collection. My collection started a couple of years ago. I bought a couple hats here and there not thinking anything of it, and one day I was at my local goodwill and someone had just donated their entire hat collection. I bought three of these hats, a green one with black ribbon, a royal blue one with a big silk navy bow, and a brown cloche hat. Funny enough, Emily was the first person I saw after buying these hats and I ran up to her and said "I have decided I am now a hat person", and thus my collection began. Below is about half of my collection, I will post pictures of the rest of my hats another day. All photos are courtesy of Emily.Jane Photography.

We also headed over to the shop Lovesick where she took some beautiful shots! I will share those an another day!

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